Why would you put a mummy in an iron maiden?

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The other night, we were heading to bed, and I thought it would be a great idea to play Everybody by the Backstreet Boys on YouTube. My wife did not find it as amusing, but I did have a bit of nestalgia as I saw this video back in Sarajevo in 1997. This was before BSB were mainstream in the States and while they enjoyed their success in Europe. I guess I should pull up the hipster  barista meme here. Anyway,  this brings me to my first thought….

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Instagram Workflow Tutorial

Storm Trooper

I have been looking for a good tutorial of how to go from a picture taken, to finished product shared on Instagram or any other photo-sharing outlet. Usually this means taking a picture, editing it in Instagram, and posting it. Below, I explain how I go about shooting, editing, and posting pictures on my Instagram.

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